Narrative Short Film Review + Notes

One of the questions that is often asked of me during my YouTube livestreams or on social media is "Hey Paul T, can you watch my short film?" I always appreciated the question! It demonstrated to me that there are individuals who valued my opinion in terms of independent filmmaking, but rarely did I have the time while recording for/editing/uploading and managing a YouTube channel; plus working full time, and trying to make my own short film productions. That's startup life!

However, I am now giving filmmakers the option to book a short film review of their production at a rate that is less than my 1-on-1 Coaching Session ($599). I will watch your short film if the runtime is 15 mins or less, and will provide commentary on what I thought about your film, and discuss any opinions I came away with in terms of areas for improvement.

Narrative Short Film Review + Notes breakdown

  • Short film must be narrative in nature and must have a runtime of 15 mins or less
  • You will receive written notes from Paul T highlighting what worked with your short film (story, pacing, acting, etc.), and areas for improvement.
  • Short film must be available for viewing online and have no viewing restrictions (I should not have to pay, sign up, or join anything to watch your film)
  • For short films of longer lengths (not exceeding 45 mins), contact me for a special rate.

Book your narrative short film review + notes

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