30 Min YouTube Channel Review with Paul T

Get channel growth and branding strategy from an actual YouTube Practitioner 

Starting a YouTube channel as an indie filmmaker and not really sure where to begin? Do you currently have a YouTube channel and could use a second pair of trained, seasoned eyes to determine if your channel is on the right track to help you find a targeted audience that loves your content and get views on your video uploads?

A 30 Minute YouTube channel review with Paul T can help you:

  • Review your channel for branding consistency
  • Determine content strategy
  • Discuss free and paid tools to 10X your channel and audience growth potential

Let's review your channel to determine if there are things negatively impacting your channel growth, steps you can take to trigger YouTube's algorithm to favor your content over the competition, and to discuss what success looks like for your channel and brand.

Each 30 min private session is done via a private video conference call using Zoom or Google Meet.

Note: This 30 min channel review is designed for someone who already has a YouTube channel and at least 7 to 10+ videos uploaded. If you have not started a YouTube channel and are not sure where or how to begin, consider booking an hour-long 1-on-1 coaching session: http://bit.ly/private-coaching-with-paul-t

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